SAP-Drug Test for DOT SAP Evaluation for Return to Duty


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 Just 3 Easy Steps to Get Your Forensic Quest  Drug Test (Chain of Custody Drug  Test)
1. Please purchase the test well before you intend to get tested so that your test order Authorization Number can be prepared and emailed to you.
2. You will present the Authorization Number at QUEST® * or LabCorp ® *(Based on your Lab Selection) and also show your Photo ID.
Location address and phone number for the Specimen Collection center will also be provided in the email.
3. We will email you the Drug Test Results to Your SAP and You
(Please note that the test specimen is collected at Quest or an Approved Specimen Collection Facility- Nothing is shipped to you)

* Quest, Quest Diagnostics, any associated logos, and all associated Quest Diagnostics registered or unregistered trademarks are the property of Quest Diagnostics.
* Labcorp , Laboratory Corporation of America, any associated logos, and all associated Labcorp registered or unregistered trademarks are the property of Laboratory Corporation of America.


This drug screen test is intended to provide the SAP (Substance Abuse Professional) that is monitoring a driver for Return To Duty.

The result with levels if any is reported to the SAP.   This test will help you SAP know whether you are progressing to compliance.


Once the purchase is completed, please allow  some time for the order to be processed and a Test Authorization Number to be generated.  We will email this Authorization number to you along with a list of specimen collection locations available based upon your location.
Test Screening


Confirm Cutoff ConfirmUnit Quant
6-Acetylmorphine 10 10 ng/mL
AMP/MAMP 500 250 ng/mL
Cocaine metabolite 150 100 ng/mL
Codeine/Morphine 2000 2000 ng/mL
HYC/HYM 300 100 ng/mL
MDMA/MDA 500 250 ng/mL
OXYC/OXYM 100 100 ng/mL
PCP 25 25 ng/mL
THCA 50 15 ng/mL

A Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) is a professional who plays a critical role in the Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol testing program. The DOT SAP is responsible for assessing individuals who have violated DOT drug and alcohol regulations and assisting them in the process of returning to safety-sensitive duties.

Here are some key aspects of the role and responsibilities of a DOT SAP:

  1. Qualifications: A DOT SAP must meet specific qualifications and undergo training to become a certified SAP. They typically have expertise in substance abuse evaluation, treatment, and DOT regulations.
  2. Assessment and evaluation: When an employee in a safety-sensitive position tests positive for drugs or alcohol or violates other DOT regulations, they are required to undergo an evaluation by a DOT SAP. The SAP conducts a comprehensive assessment to determine the nature and extent of the employee’s substance abuse problem.
  3. Treatment recommendations: Based on the evaluation, the DOT SAP makes treatment recommendations for the employee. These recommendations may include education, counseling, rehabilitation, or other appropriate interventions to address the substance abuse issue.
  4. Treatment compliance monitoring: The SAP monitors the employee’s compliance with the recommended treatment program. This involves regular check-ins, progress evaluations, and verifying completion of required treatment elements.
  5. Return-to-duty process: Once the employee has successfully completed the prescribed treatment program, the SAP conducts a follow-up evaluation to determine if they are eligible to return to safety-sensitive duties. If the employee meets the SAP’s requirements, they issue a “Return-to-Duty” (RTD) recommendation to the employer.
  6. Follow-up testing and monitoring: After an employee returns to work, the SAP establishes a plan for follow-up testing and monitoring. This typically involves ongoing drug and alcohol testing to ensure sustained abstinence and ongoing compliance with DOT regulations.

The role of a DOT SAP is crucial in maintaining the safety and integrity of the DOT-regulated industries. Their expertise helps employees with substance abuse issues access appropriate treatment and support while ensuring compliance with DOT regulations.

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