We offer Labcorp hair follicle drug testing as one of their services. Hair follicle testing is a method of drug testing that analyzes a small sample of hair to detect the presence of drugs or their metabolites in a person’s system.

Hair follicle testing is often used for pre-employment screenings, ongoing workplace testing, legal purposes, and in situations where a longer detection window is required compared to other testing methods such as urine or saliva testing.

The process of hair follicle drug testing typically involves the following steps:

Sample Collection: A small sample of hair is collected from the individual being tested. The hair is usually cut close to the scalp, typically from the back of the head, and a specific length of hair is required for accurate testing.
Specimen Handling: The collected hair sample is packaged securely and sent to a Labcorp laboratory for analysis. Proper chain of custody protocols are followed to maintain the integrity and traceability of the sample.
Laboratory Analysis: At the Labcorp laboratory, the hair sample undergoes extensive testing using advanced techniques. The testing typically involves screening for a panel of drugs or specific substances, depending on the requirements of the testing program. The laboratory analyzes the hair shaft for the presence of drug metabolites that have been deposited within the hair follicle over time.
Result Reporting: Once the analysis is complete, Labcorp provides the test results to the requesting party. The results are typically reported as either positive or negative for each drug or substance included in the testing panel. The detection window for hair follicle testing is longer compared to other methods, as it can detect drug use within a period of several months.
It’s important to note that the specific drugs or substances included in the hair follicle testing panel can vary depending on the requirements of the testing program.

We offer a few hair follicle drug test panels by Labcorp to meet most requirements.

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