MRO stands for Medical Review Officer. MRO review service is an essential component of the drug testing process, particularly in workplace drug testing programs. The role of the MRO is to review and interpret the results of drug tests, ensuring accuracy and maintaining the integrity of the testing process.

Here’s how the MRO review service typically works:

Receive and Review Results: After a drug test is conducted, the laboratory analyzes the specimen and generates a report with the test results. These results are then sent to the MRO for review.
Verification and Interview: The MRO verifies the authenticity of the test results and may conduct an interview with the donor if there is a positive or non-negative result. The purpose of the interview is to gather additional information that may explain the positive result, such as prescription medication use or other legitimate reasons.
Evaluation of Validity: The MRO reviews the test results, interview findings, and any supporting documentation provided by the donor. They evaluate the validity of the positive or non-negative result and determine if there is a legitimate medical explanation for the presence of drugs or if it indicates illicit drug use.
Communication and Reporting: The MRO communicates the final determination to the employer or designated entity responsible for the drug testing program. They provide a report that states whether the test result is confirmed positive or if there is a valid medical explanation, such as the use of a prescribed medication.
Decision-Making and Compliance: Based on the MRO’s report, the employer or responsible entity can make informed decisions regarding the individual’s employment or other relevant matters. The MRO review ensures compliance with testing regulations and guidelines.
The MRO review service adds an extra layer of professionalism, objectivity, and expertise to the drug testing process. MROs are trained and certified medical professionals who have specialized knowledge in substance abuse and the interpretation of drug test results. Their role is to safeguard the rights and privacy of individuals being tested while ensuring accurate and reliable results are reported.

It’s important to note that MRO review services are commonly utilized in workplace drug testing programs, especially those governed by regulatory agencies or industries with specific drug testing requirements. The involvement of an MRO helps ensure the integrity of the testing process and provides a fair and unbiased evaluation of drug test results.

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