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 Just 3 Easy Steps to Get Your Forensic Quest  Drug Test (Chain of Custody Drug  Test)
1. Please purchase the test well in advance of when you intend to get tested so that your test order Authorization Number can be prepared and emailed to you.
2. You will present the Authorization Number at QUEST® (Based on your Lab Selection) and also show your Photo ID.
Location address and phone number for the Specimen Collection center will also be provided in the email.
3. We will email you the Drug Test Results to you
(Please note that the test specimen is collected at Quest or an Approved Specimen Collection Facility- Nothing is shipped to you)

Please note that additional 3rd Party Collection fees will  apply  if Specimen is not collected at a Quest Diagnostic PSC (Patient Service Center)

Once the purchase is completed, please allow  some time for the order to be processed and a Test Authorization Number to be generated.  We will email this Authorization number to you along with a list of specimen collection locations available based upon your location.

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Quest Diagnostics offers hair follicle drug testing as a reliable method to detect drug use. Here are some advantages of Quest Diagnostic hair follicle drug testing:

  1. Detection window: Hair follicle testing has a longer detection window than other types of drug tests, such as urine or blood tests. This is because drugs can remain in hair for up to 90 days after use, providing a broader window of detection.
  2. Reliable results: Hair follicle testing is highly accurate and reliable. It is less prone to errors or false positives than other types of drug tests.
  3. Comprehensive testing: Hair follicle testing can detect a wide range of drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and more. This makes it a useful tool for workplace drug testing programs.
  4. Harder to cheat: It is more difficult to cheat on a hair follicle drug test than other types of drug tests. Shaving or bleaching hair does not affect the test results, and the samples are collected under observation to prevent tampering.
  5. Non-invasive: Hair follicle testing is non-invasive and painless, making it a more comfortable experience for the person being tested.

Overall, Quest Diagnostic hair follicle drug testing is a reliable and comprehensive method for detecting drug use, providing accurate results with a longer detection window.


QUEST DIAGNOSTICS 5 Panel Hair Follicle Drug Test with Expanded Opiates









300 pg/mg GC/MS


300 pg/mg GC/MS

MDA  (Methylenedioxy-


300 pg/mg GC/MS


MDMA (Methylenedioxy-


300 pg/mg GC/MS


COCAINE / METABOLITES        300 pg/mg


300 pg/mg GC/MS


300 pg/mg GC/MS


300 pg/mg GC/MS


300 pg/mg GC/MS


1.0 pg/mg 0.1 pg/mg  GC/MS/MS


OPIATES 500 pg/mg


500 pg/mg GC/MS


500 pg/mg GC/MS


500 pg/mg GC/MS


500 pg/mg GC/MS

6-Monoacetylmorphine (6-MAM)

500 pg/mg   GC/MS



500 pg/mg GC/MS


500 pg/mg GC/MS
PHENCYCLIDINE  (PCP) 300 pg/mg     300 pg/mg       GC/MS

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