LABCORP 5 Panel Oral Fluid Drug Test

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 Just 3 Easy Steps to Get Your Forensic Labcorp  Drug Test (Chain of Custody Drug  Test)
1. Please purchase the test well in advance of when you intend to get tested so that your test order Authorization Number can be prepared and emailed to you.
2. You will present the Authorization Number at Labcorp) and also show your Photo ID.
Location address and phone number for the Specimen Collection center will also be provided in the email.
3. We will email you the Drug Test Results to you
(Please note that the test specimen is collected at Quest or an Approved Specimen Collection Facility- Nothing is shipped to you)

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5 Panel Oral Fluid  Drug Screen that features expanded Opiates. When collected by a trained and certified collector, Oral Fluid testing provides for securer specimen collection process with substitution and the shy bladder issue that is associated with urine specimens being minimized or eliminated. Oral fluid testing quicker detection times, as short as an hour from the time the drug or substance is introduced into the body.

Labcorp offers oral fluid drug testing as part of their testing services. Oral fluid drug testing, also known as saliva drug testing, is a method used to detect the presence of drugs or their metabolites in a person’s saliva.

During an oral fluid drug test, a sample of saliva is collected using an oral swab or a collection device. The swab is placed in the individual’s mouth for a short period of time to absorb saliva, and then it is sealed in a container for laboratory analysis.


Labcorp offers a 5-panel oral fluid drug testing service as part of their testing offerings. The 5-panel oral fluid drug test  screens for the presence of the following substances:

  1. Amphetamines (including methamphetamine)
  2. Cocaine
  3. Marijuana (THC)
  4. Opiates (such as codeine, morphine, and heroin)
  5. Phencyclidine (PCP)

Oral fluid drug testing offers several advantages compared to other methods of drug testing. Here are some of the key advantages of oral fluid drug testing:

  1. Non-invasive and easy sample collection: Collecting an oral fluid sample is a relatively simple and non-invasive process. It involves using an oral swab or collection device to collect saliva from the individual’s mouth, which is less intrusive compared to urine or blood sample collection. This makes it more comfortable and convenient for both the test administrator and the person being tested.
  2. Convenient and observed sample collection: Oral fluid drug testing can be easily conducted on-site, making it convenient for various testing scenarios such as workplace or roadside drug testing. Since the sample collection process can be observed directly, it helps minimize the chances of sample adulteration or substitution.
  3. Detection of recent drug use: Oral fluid drug testing can effectively detect drug use within a relatively recent timeframe. Many drugs and their metabolites can be detected in oral fluid shortly after use, typically within a few hours to a couple of days. This makes it particularly useful for detecting recent drug use and impairment.
  4. Lower risk of tampering: Compared to urine drug testing, oral fluid drug testing has a lower risk of sample adulteration or substitution. It is more challenging for individuals to tamper with or substitute the oral fluid sample during collection, reducing the chances of fraudulent test results.
  5. Better correlation with impairment: Oral fluid drug testing provides a closer correlation between the presence of drugs and impairment. Since oral fluid samples are collected from within the oral cavity, it reflects the recent drug exposure that may contribute to current impairment levels.
  6. Rapid results: Oral fluid drug testing often provides faster turnaround times for results compared to other methods. The sample can be analyzed quickly in the laboratory, leading to relatively faster reporting of results.

It’s important to note that while oral fluid drug testing offers these advantages, each method of drug testing has its own strengths and limitations. The choice of drug testing method should be based on the specific needs, regulations, and circumstances of the testing program.

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