Quest Diagnostics® 9 Panel URINE Drugscreen NO THC -No Marijuana

IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS DRUG TEST PANEL DOES NOT TEST FOR MARIJUANA (THC).  This is a Special Panel that does note include testing for Marijuana . Quest Diagnostics Lab Panel  of tests is a Forensic Chain of Custody Drug Screen ( Chain of Custody  is a means that there is a paper trail that  keeps track and shows the entire process of specimen handling , custody and control from collection to the lab, and right to the reporting )  This feature assures quality and trust in the entire process because everyone that deals with the specimen must sign off on in.

To schedule simply add this product to cart and provide the test subject information, including the city and state where you would like the specimen collection to take place, then we proceed to match you with a nearby collection facility for the test once we receive your payment.

The results for this test panel are usually available on the following business day. Positive drug test and those requiring confirmation do take a little more time .  There is no additional charge for confirmatory testing.



 Just 3 Easy Steps to Get Your Forensic Quest  Drug Test (Chain of Custody , Legal Drug Test)
1.Please purchase the test well before you intend to get tested so that your test order Authorization Number can be prepared and emailed to you.
2. You will present the Authorization Number at QUEST  and also show your Photo ID.
Location address and phone number for the Specimen Collection center will also be provided in the email.
3.We will email you the Drug Test Results
(Please note that the test specimen is collected at Quest or an Approved Specimen Collection Facility- Nothing is shipped to you)



                              LEVEL           TEST LEVEL        METHOD


 AMPHETAMINES                1000 ng/mL

   AMPHETAMINE                             200 ng/mL         MS

   METHAMPHETAMINE                         200 ng/mL         MS

 BARBITURATES                 300 ng/mL

   AMOBARBITAL                             100 ng/mL         MS

   BUTALBITAL                              100 ng/mL         MS

   PENTOBARBITAL                           100 ng/mL         MS

   PHENOBARBITAL                           100 ng/mL         MS

   SECOBARBITAL                             100 ng/mL         MS

 BENZODIAZEPINES              300 ng/mL

   ALPRAZOLAM METABOLITE                   100 ng/mL         MS

   OXAZEPAM                                100 ng/mL         MS

   FLURAZEPAM METABOLITE                   100 ng/mL         MS

   LORAZEPAM                               100 ng/mL         MS

   NORDIAZEPAM                             100 ng/mL         MS

   TEMAZEPAM                               100 ng/mL         MS

   TRIAZOLAM METABOLITE                    100 ng/mL         MS

 COCAINE METABOLITES          300 ng/mL     100 ng/mL         MS

 METHADONE                    300 ng/mL        100 ng/mL         MS

 METHAQUALONE                 300 ng/mL          50 ng/mL         MS

 OPIATES                      300 ng/mL

   MORPHINE                                100 ng/mL         MS

   CODEINE                                 100 ng/mL         MS

   HYDROMORPHONE                           100 ng/mL         MS

   HYDROCODONE                             100 ng/mL         MS

 OXYCODONES                   100 ng/mL

  OXYMORPHONE                             100 ng/mL         MS

  OXYCODONE                               100 ng/mL         MS

 PHENCYCLIDINE                 25 ng/mL          5 ng/mL         MS

 PROPOXYPHENE                 300 ng/mL                         100 ng/mL         MS

Quest Diagnostics® 9 Panel URINE Drugscreen NO THC -No Marijuana
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